Velvet underground: 4 tips on how to wear it this winter

Velvet underground: 4 tips on how to wear it this winter

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Do you appreciate velvet? With velvet, you will create your own and personal style. Associated with excellence, the velvet has regained its place among fashion trend this winter. But still remains difficult to match… So how can you integrate velvet into your look for this season? It’s true that choices are very limited in terms of how to wear it. Lets us provide some tips on how to wear velvet, far from the Gothic style or the retro cuts.

Usually, we tend to wear black, which remains a classy and chic colour. However, for velvet, we would advise you to get out of the ordinary and to test precious stones colours (Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire) for instance red, green and blue.

Here are some ways to get out of velvet all its dazzle and splendour:

1 – A winter evening dress:

On the occasion of the holiday season, swap your simple dress with a velvet dress to complete an elegant look and be unique in your style. You can match this dress with black suede heels, whatever the chosen colour of the dress which will integrate fluidly with a large variety of your outfits.

2 – A kimono:

Either with a dress, a blouse or jeans. The velvet kimono remains a piece that you can find easy to pair with your clothes, to make any look more glam but still casual.

3 – A coat:

Let yourself be tempted by velvet coats and be in the winter style of the celebrities. You can go for Hailey Baldwin’s style or Kendall Jenner’s, that are both casual and chic. It will offer you softness and warmth. Mix it with a basic outfit, to be more classy.

4 – Thigh high boots:

To match your look of the season, velvet thigh-high boots give you a super trendy look. You can find them at heel or flat, according to your style. High boots can be worn with a straight, casual dress or a sweater dress for a chilly but stylish look.

For some people, dressing elegant and classy, it’s hard and boring. But we think that “When you look good, you feel good”. Velvet is on you!